Monday, June 21, 2010

It's one of those weeks...

You know what I mean? One of those weeks where everything goes wrong, the simplest things take six tries to complete and everyone yells about everything?

Yesterday was stressful. I work in retail sales and yesterday three of our seven scheduled team members didn't show up. Half staff. To top it off, we're changing over to start our twice annual sale and LOTS of merchandise had to move around at closing, all the signs in the store had to be changed and we still had the basic daily work and customers to help. We blitzed through it with a dogged we-will-get-it-done-and-tomorrow-will-be-better.

Tomorrow became today...and it wasn't better.

Two things sum up today: being summoned to abandon the customer I was with to go help another customer across the store. Okay, this happens. We're all specialists in different areas and maybe it was too hard a question? So sure, off I went.  But when I got there and found seven (SEVEN!) managers standing twenty  feet from the poor waiting customers I was appalled. WHY any of the seven managers and three co-workers twenty feet away couldn't help while I was trying to get there, I just don't know!! I felt so bad for the very nice people who'd been waiting more than fifteen minutes at this point! ANY of those seven managers could have looked up two names from a tag and sent them on their way at any point in time before my arrival...but they didn't. They could have read the tag and called us and we could have booked the unit and sent it down to that printer for them...but they didn't do that either. 

Then later that day, one of those self-same managers listed above responded to my quick yes-or-no question with a curt, "I'm off the clock" and a closed door in my face. ?!? But I just saw you clock IN from lunch! Huh? She called me later to ask again what my question had been and did go so far as to admit, "[she] should have spoken differently." I'LL SAY!! H-E-double-hockey-sticks! I was on a legitimate break when I asked the question to begin with! "I'm off the clock" Off your rocker, maybe lady! Try saying, I'll get back to you, Hang on, try me later, let me check. Any of these wouldn't have left me furious. Cause I am. I'll never respect her again, as she has so little respect for me. And that makes me both sad and angry. It's hard to work for people you don't respect. And right now I don't have a lot of respect for any of those seven managers.

So what do I do now? Swallow and move on? Scream and try again tomorrow? How do you deal with this stuff?

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