Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicken Basics: Cilantro-Lime Chicken

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Recipe

  • Leftover chicken and rice, from Chicken Basics recipe
  • 2tbsp butter (or olive oil if you're worried about cholesterol)
  • 1/3 cup black beans (those ones in the freezer? Yeah, pull 'em out!)
  •  Either 2-3 limes to juice or one bottle of lime juice
  • 2 tsp chopped cilantro (fresh or frozen--NOT dried)
  • sugar to taste (different people like different levels of bite from the lime juice...and not all limes are equally sweet, so taste the sauce as you go and add sugar if it needs it)
  • fresh tomato and/or avocado
  1. If beans are frozen, pop into microwave to thaw.
  2. In a glass measuring cup, combine 2 tsp butter (or olive oil) with 1/4 lime juice and 2 cubes of frozen cilantro.
  3. Mix beans with rice on plate.
  4. Melt sauce in microwave, stirring upon removal until somewhat incorporated
  5. Pour over cold chicken and rice. Try to pour a little at a time to cover every bite with yumminess
  6. Warm sauce covered chicken and rice while you slice a tomato and/or avocado for sides.
  7. Sadly, today I didn't have any avocado to add to the picture. I ate it all in guacamole last night!
Again, it's a good carb, good protein and with tomato and/or avocado, some veggie goodness too!  I like a salad with a lime vinaigrette on the side of mine, but that's probably because I don't like raw tomato. But avocado is KILLER with this sauce on it! Try some!

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