Saturday, September 18, 2010

That dreaded 7am Saturday meeting just got easier

Thanks to the cool folks over at Picky Palate!  They posted these ah-maze-ing looking faux-bacon-egg-and-cheese McMuffins that I can't wait to try. My crustless mini-quiches have been quite popular the last few meetings, but these just might win over the last hold outs. I simultaneously can't wait to try them but can't believe I really have to get up for this meeting again.  Check the recipe out over at Picky Palate. I'd love to hear of them being baked up for good use at normal brunch times! It might make me feel better as I drag myself from bed in the dark next week!

I'll make a few extra and see how the hold in the fridge and freezer. If they hold up to storage, wouldn't they be genius on those crazed mornings? Just grab, nuke and go!

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