Friday, July 2, 2010


Today was hard. Work was spent playing catch up from what didn't get done last night while customers yelled. :(  And then we got word that the courts have agreed with Schwarzenegger that state workers can be reduced to minimum wage until the budget crisis is resolved. So my husband's paycheck just got shorted 70%.  Add in I'm still working short work hours on doctor's orders, and our financial life just got real hard, real fast.
So now I can worry and stress and fuss about how we'll make ends meet next month when our combined income is less than our mortgage payment OR I can make tutus. Samster Mommy is running a tutu drive for the Princess Alexa Foundation that gives dress up clothes to hospitals and critically ill children.  Yes, I'm not 100% healthy yet. Yes, our financial picture is scary right now. But these are temporary issues that will resolve themselves, leaving us still standing. The issues these parents and kids are facing may not. And let's face it, right now make believe is right up my alley! (cause reality isn't so fun today) So I'm going to go make believe a few tutus into reality to send off tomorrow. Which means tomorrow already has one happy, glowy moment in it so it has to be better than today!

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